Friday, 7 November 2008


The sound in the background was very effective leaving suspense, we found the credits music slightly annoying because there was a high pitch noise each time which didn't really tie in. All camera shots were steady and the close up shots of the eye build up suspense. The colour editing was done very well, e.g, the pictures on the board.


R1 17 comments

This was our favourite of the final thriller openings. It was subtle which worked effectively as it wasn't too cheesey. It wasn't too long, and had lots of shots in, as well as repetitive ones which kept us intrigued. The close up shot of the eye along with his impression was very good (good acting). It agreed with many thriller conventions including the use of lighting (dark) and also the fact it was 'obsessive' like in the shots of the photos and newspapers.
It was definitely a horror thriller, maybe lingering more on the horror side at times.

R1 17


- close up of eye was really effective
- repetition establishes a scene
- dark lighting connotes the danger involved
- camera angles were good



We liked the camera work on the eye and the flashing from different camera views created a horror image. Mirroring and repetition were also used for extra effect.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Analysis of a real thriller

The thriller i have chosen to analyse is "Face Off". This opening scene to this particular thriller is very powerful. This has been done to grab the viewers attention right from the beginning. There are many features that distinguish a thriller from other types on genres. From viewing the first few minutes of this thriller straight away we can see aspects of voyeurism, crime and extraordinary events happening in ordinary places.

Music adds another dimension to a film and helps build a tense atmosphere. The music used in Face Off begins with slows and long string sounds this fits in well with the use of slow motion video footage. There is also a change in the music played. As the character that is assumed to be the bady comes onto screen the music used is more dark, with deeper sounds.

When watching this opening scene a number of effects have been used when editing. The video footage has been darken and slowed down. These are two great features that are simple to do but very effective. During the editing process i would like these features to be carried across into our groups work. Another key feature is the variation in shot types. From close ups of the sniper to long shots of the fair ground ride. This helps to set the scene and show the distance of the three characters.

The titles and transitions used are simple. The titles are positioned on top of the video and are not too long. This is good as they do not get in the way o the video but are still noticeable. The transitions are mainly slow fades which fits in with the pace of this scene.

The only feature to this opening scene i dislike is the identity on the bady is given away. In our thriller we keep the identity of our characters so its based around the fear of the unknown.


Friday, 17 October 2008

Analysis of student thriller

The student thriller that i chose to evaluate was obsession by group Q1-07. My first impressions on this video clip was that it made me want to watch on and know what is going to happen in the rest of the film. Therefore they are keeping the audience in the unknown. I especially like the music that runs throughout the sequence. I think the consistency of the music creates tension, but the noise of the vinyl scratching starts off being creepy and effective but then in my opinion it is used too much throughout and looses its effectiveness and also got annoying. The lighting throughout the piece has been well thought about and it re addressed the fear of the unknown. throughout the piece there are a few silly mistakes, for example at the point when he is on the computer you can see football manager, also when he is on the computer msn also pops up in the corner. But the worst one is when someone comes in the the room there are a pair of trainers.


Thursday, 16 October 2008

still images

these are pictures that i took that could be added to the opening scene as quick scene shots


Student Thriller

My student thriller is called 'Obession'. To start with i did like this open squenece as it used a key idea to keep you within the fear of the unknown. I will try and use this style in my thriller. I found the music to be exellent the strange scrathing noises alomost through out kept you on wondering, even though i would of persoanlly used that particalr noise a little less as it got a bit anyoing. This is the kind of music i would use in my opening squence not a very strong music just light strings with weird noises over the top. The simple writting used to show the peoples names i found effect as it wasn't to distracting to take you away from the sequence, even though i would of ade the writting bigger. The lighting is dark through out which i like as it again emfersizes the fear the unknown. There are a few mistakes that distact from the over al performance like when the mystery person opens the door his trainers are in the hall and when you see the computer screen you can see what he is looking at. (msn and football manger) This made me laugh and i got drawn out of the creepyness of the thriller. The editing used was very sharp and there where no poor scene changes, i liked the fact it went between titles and footage to break up the pattern. The probs of the photos are very good as they make you think why am I being shown this what it for? So it is always keeping you guessing without giving to much away. There are also a few sutle qualties to the footage which I only noticed after a few times of watching, so maybe they should of been clearer e.g on the laptop next to a picture was an address maybe saying where that particular person is lives. The ending to the thriller is the best i have seen out of all the ones i have watched, even though it may be giving to much away. The lighing is good so you still can't see the persons face that is something i will use in my project and the way there is know music adding to the dramatic effect. Just hearing the tape obviosuly going over someones mouth is enough to keep you guessing.


Student Individual

This is a student thriller posted this year called thriller. From the opening scene you understand that it is going to be based around photography and maybe stalking. One thing i really like about this piece is the camera snap noise when the titles comes up. But i do think that when the sound comes the title should flash and go but instead it stays sometimes. I also like the way that there is a lot of emphasis on the camera. this is there main prop used in the opening scene as well as the camera stand and a chair that the photographer sits in. Another prop used was the TV, with no signal, this had a great level of effectiveness as it is very weird. There is only one character seen this is keeps the fear on the unknown a key part in a thriller. Through out the scene the light is the same as it daylight and there is no added light this does work. The music used stays the same but has the additional camera click noise comes when the title does as i have already mentioned. one of the best shots is when we see the camera and the person behind it. The good thing about it is that it does give the person identity away but you see some of him. I don't think that there are many faults in the scene as they haven't tried anything to difficult. The only thing is that the lighting i think is too natural so they could of done it at night with just lighting on the photographer.


Thriller Indivual

This is a film called Se7en. I really like this opening as it doesn't give very much away. But you would think this wouldn't make you wont to watch the rest of the film but it really makes you wont to watch on. Some of the weirder bits are the skin picking. Also i like the bits where you see two. Like when you see two of the hands writing. Another good part about this film is the font style it is hard to read but it has a great affect. The best thing is the fear of the unknown as you don't know what will happened this could be the thing that makes you wont to watch on.


Charlie - http://www.wide-calf-boots.com/Images/Steel%20Toe/new.jpg black boots

black jeans and coat but no rips or tears so it doesn't look like he is suspicious

James - ripped shirt and trousers and really dirty no shoes



We wont to film in a average background and into a creepy room or garage. the reason for this is that it will create thoughts as this place could be anywhere in any ones normal house. We then decided we would do it in my garage (charlie). As i live down a road with many houses down it. When we got to my garage we cleared a space bit left the average things in it so that it gave it an average garage look. Also for our end shot i have a streetlight which makes my garden look orange.


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

names for film

the tormentor


Call Sheet

Shot 1.
Location - patio next to garage
Costume - Black worker boots
Props - nothing
Character - Jacob
Shot 2
Location - inside the garage
Costume - nothing seen but james in his ragged clothes
Props - nothing
Character - James
Shot 3
Location - Garage
Costume - ripped top and trousers
Props - rope for tiring wrist
Character - James
Shot 4
Location - garage
Costume - n/a
Props - all the weapons e.g. knifes axe saw clippers hammers
character- charlie
Shot 5
location - garage
costume - ripped clothes
Props - ropes
character - james
Shot 6
location - garage
costume - n/a
Props - the large knife
character - charlie
Shot 7
location - garage
costume - james' outfit
props - mouth gag (piece of material)
character - james
Shot 8 location - garage
costume - n/a
props - knife and knife sharpener
character - charlie ish
Shot 9
location - garage
costume - n/a
props - all weapons table and cloth covering
character - charlie ish
Shot 10
location - garage
costume - n/a
props - door (key hole)
character - some the other side of the door
Shot 11
location - garage
costume - dark clothes
props - nothing
character - charlie and james in the background
Shot 12
location- outside the garage
costume - n/a (not seen)
props - nothing
character - charlie and james seen on view
Shot 13
location - garage
costume - dark clothing
props - rocking chair
character - charlie and james
Shot 14
location - garage
costume - ripped up clothes
props - stall ropes
characters - james
Shot 15
location - garage
costume -
props - all knifes and clothes
character - n/a
Shot 16
location - garage
costume - ripped clothes
props - stall and rope
character - james
Shot 17
location - walking outside the garage then outside the garden
costume - black clothes
props - n/a
character - charlie


Friday, 10 October 2008

test footage

We were practicing different shot types so when we come to film we don't need to waste time trying different shots. Where the legs are walking across the screen we tried more than one technique. So we did walking along with the camera to show the progression of his movements. Also just standing still and just moving the camera. We found this less effective as walking along with the camera as you don't get the fluent movement. Also tried shaking the camera are selves to get a blurred effect, this did not really work out. So we found for the leg movement walking along with the camera was the best and we will probably use this in are final piece. We practised doing a shot over the shoulder of one person zooming into another this did not go as well and will need to re practise this. The shot where we open the eye of a close up we found quite effective but will still need to perfect it. The way it blurs at the end was not done on purpose put worked out well. Also in our final piece the shots would be darker so we are taking into consideration the fact it will not look as a eary.



Our animatic is trying to portray a dark and creepy setting. It is really emphasiseing the fear of the unknown. We are tying not to give to much of a story away. We are using different shots and angles to show the victim and the bad guys side. There is also a hiden point in a animatic weather it can be worked out there may be another person watching in the room.



Victim: ripped up shirt, trousers with large whole in and covered in dirt. cloth(gag) for mouth

Bad Guy: Black leather jacket, hodie dark trousers an all black.. big heavy boots.


prop list

cleaver knife
kitchen knife
sledge hammer
work table
glass jar
rusted tins
old clock
hedge trimmers


Thursday, 9 October 2008

Timber falls

our group liked this video and were thinking of using some of the ideas from it. The start with the close up of the eyes we found effective as it shows the panic in the eye of person in the shot. Also where the mouth is gagged without showing any other parts of the face to not give to much keeping you in fear of the unknown. Also where the body parts are tied up we would do this but not is such a gruesome as we would not want to be going down the horror route of film, so not blood or serious injuries.


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

short scenes

dripping water/ liquid into puddle
jar full of something odd
scribblings on a parchment
scratches on wood/wall
tally of chalk on the wall showing how long someone has been there.
clock moving really quickly.


story board rough order

1.lower body (legs) walking to door
2.camera under table or chair, showing a weapon drop
3.eyes open,not showing whole face just eyes, (with person heavy breathing)
4.wrist tied up with rope (close up)
5.taking the cloth if a bench to show weapons (e.g knives, hammer)
6.like 4 but shot of ankle tied up.
7.shot of knife being showed of.
8.tapped up mouth only showing that.
9.sharpening the same knife.
10.pan across all his weapons.
11.View through key hole showing eye. zooming in from distance
12.bad guy paseing.
13.shot through key hole again but this time showing into the room.
14.bad guy sitting in a rocker from behind
15.pan from feet up showing ragged clothes to neck not showing face
16.covering up the weapons but the camera is on the table so it gets covered up to
17.struggling person trying to break free
18.zooming out of room getting the affect of going through the key hole leaving the last shot of the door of the room


Friday, 3 October 2008


we would like to have something like the middle where the guy is walking with the knife in his hand. then the close up of the eye in the key hole.

the setting of a random building in a woods



mass killer, killing tools, dark, creepy room, black,

black out to start and with footsteps, then you see the legs slowly walking, see a weapon drop right in front of camera with loud noise, effect of eyes opening in dark room, music coming in on eyes opening, takes of sheet on top of bench.... to find loads of weapons e.g knives,ave,hammer etc

The title names should be coming in scrambled and put them self into the right order with them also being fade out. Music needs to get louder and faster




Thursday, 2 October 2008

group :)


jacob , james,charlie and joe

Monday, 15 September 2008